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Hayley and Tom – Ann Arbor Anniversary Shoot

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Back in college, the three fun facts that Hayley always listed in her bio were 1) her middle name is Jimena, which is Spanish, 2) her first word was “gato”, which is Spanish for cat, and 3) she has a boyfriend named Tom.  These two high school sweethearts have really come a long way.  Despite the fact that she was a Wolverine and he had decided to be a Spartan, and both carried intense engineering course-loads, they still managed to stay committed to each other through it all.

This past week, we decided to do a fun little photoshoot around Ann Arbor to celebrate their upcoming two year anniversary as husband and wife.

Reflections are pretty awesome.

The iconic bell tower.

After wandering around Central Campus, we went up to their apartment so they could do a quick outfit change and bring out the dog.  The greener, grassier setting around North Campus was perfect for Hayley and Tom, who are both very outdoorsy people.  We had managed to squeeze in the photoshoot right before they headed out for a long weekend camping trip.

Penny does not like to be left out.

Again, not to be left out.

Family portrait.  And Penny makes three.

She’s shy.  Penny is the most childlike dog I’ve ever met.  I tried to get a close-up shot of her and scared her a little, so she scampered off to hide behind Tom’s leg and peeked out at me.

We were racing against daylight by the time we got to North Campus, but thank goodness for the long summer days, because we ended up getting the perfect sunset.

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Wedding Inspiration – Venue

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Happy Monday!  Today, I want to share with everyone one of my favorite places in America, Oak Alley Plantation.  Located in Vacherie, Louisiana, an hour west of downtown New Orleans, it’s a beautiful estate with two straight rows of gorgeous, ginormous live oaks planted in the 18th century. Can you imagine having a wedding here and walking down the aisle flanked by those majestic trees?

And it was my parents’ 26th wedding anniversary.  Happy anniversary mom and dad!

Afterward, we went over to watch the sun set over the Mississippi River, and I nabbed this awesome shot.

Katherine and Will – Anniversary Shoot in Beacon Hill

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

A big part of being a wedding photographer is knowing how to pose people.  More often than not, the couple you photograph have never had a professional photoshoot, and will require a good amount a direction from the photographer.  Ironically, to make people look natural and highlight their best features in photos sometimes require poses that can feel unnatural to them, to stand and lean in ways that they normally wouldn’t, and it’s the role of the photographer to guide and give clear instructions.  To give me more practice in posing, Shang invited two of her friends, Katherine and Will, for an anniversary shoot.

This one is probably my favorite, it reminds me of Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor on the cover of Moulin Rouge.  So romantic!

A bit of fun with sunflares.

Katherine, who is incredibly creative, wanted to so something with shadows, and this is what we got!

I just love the colors and minimalist feel of of this photo.

More coverage of this photoshoot can be found on Shang’s blog here and Katherine’s blog here.


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