Let’s face it, in front of the camera is not always the most comfortable place to be. Oftentimes, you swear you look way hotter in life than what the photos suggest (unless, of course, I happen to be your photographer ;-p ).  So here are some quick and easy ways to become more photogenic.

1. Have good posture and avoid slouching.  This makes you appear confident, taller, and more energetic.

2. Stick your chin forward a little (not up, forward) and then down a little.  This one is a bit less intuitive but, trust me, it’s the best antidote to even the slightest hint of a double chin.

3. Keep a little bit of space between your upper arms and your body, don’t smoosh arms against your side.  If you flatten your arms against your body, your arms will look wider (mind-blowing, I know).  If you don’t know what to do with your arms and hands, stick your hands in your pocket or rest your hands on your waist (a la models at the end of the runway) and bend your elbows a little.

4.  If you’re sitting down, perch on the edge of the seat instead of sitting all the way back and getting too comfortable.  If your legs are pressed against the seat of your chair, they will look wider, same idea as above.

5.  Stand at an angle to the camera instead of straight on, instantly slimming!

6.  If standing upright, it’s very flattering for most girls to put their weight on the leg further away from the camera (or push your hip away from the camera), bend the leg closer to the camera with your feet close together, and lean forward a little towards the camera with your chest.  Just remember that whatever is closer to the camera looks bigger and whatever is further away looks smaller.

7.  Relax your hands and fingers.  We’re not always conscious of our hands when being photographed, and sometimes out of nervousness, we unknowingly curl our hands into fists and or keep them very rigid.

8.  Wear flattering clothes.  Wearing clothes that fit well and that you feel comfortable in will go a long way towards enhancing photos of you.  If you know the environment you will be photographed in, you can plan your wardrobe accordingly.  Wear colors that will stand out from the background, don’t camouflage yourself into the scenery (i.e., green outfit and a green field of grass, not so good).

9.  Find good light.  Light is one of the most important elements in photography.  The golden hours around sunrise and sunset have the best light, it’s soft and glowy.  Bright direct sunlight tends to be unflattering because it creates strong highlights and shadows, not to mention it will be hard for you not to squint your eyes.  If you’re stuck getting your picture taken in the middle of a very sunny day, try to find a shaded area and get out of direct light.  If that’s not an option, close your eyes and have your photographer tell you when to open them when s/he is ready to take the photo.  This way you’re not stuck staring into the sun and tearing up, I’ve been there, not fun.

10.  Most importantly, have a real expression!  If you’re giving the camera your best smile, think happy thoughts, smile with your eyes and mouth.  This is not the time for the fake smile you give your boss when he hands you a stack of work.  I better see crinkles around your eyes!

Simple, right?  Now go try these out!